Jasmijn de Boo

MSc, DipEd, MRSB

Working for a better world
for animals, people and our planet

My goals

I’ve been fortunate to have amassed a wealth of experience, managing medium to large sized charities in the animal protection and plant-based food sectors, over the last decade. My MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare has given me advanced knowledge of animal welfare issues. I now aim to use my knowledge, experience and skills to help bring about a better world for all living creatures.


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My skills

My skillset is very broad, and internationally based. It includes strategic development, organisational and financial planning, policy development, human resources, general management and communications. I also have advanced knowledge of the rapidly-developing plant-based food sector, and of animal welfare issues.


“Jasmijn’s strategic development dramatically increased our media presence, outputs and income generation, and helped us to substantially grow the organisation.”
Previous Board Chair, The Vegan Society
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