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The Rise of Water

Throughout human history we have had an ambiguous relationship with water; we treasure it and our lives depend on it. We have traveled oceans and seas to reach destinations. We have harnessed tidal power using underwater turbines that generate electricity, and we need fresh water for our food systems. Yet it has also threatened us […]

Fishing Rights

The EU and UK are prioritising fishing rights in the trade negotiations after Brexit. I would much rather see fishes’ rights being prioritised. Fishing is morally bankrupt. The quota set by the EU barely take into account the severe overfishing that causes fish ‘stocks’ (i.e. populations) to become vulnerable, with some species being threatened or […]

A pig’s life

Rescued pigs at a UK sanctuary, (c) Jasmijn de Boo While the world is embroiled in human scandals, prolonged political and geo-economic breakdowns, wars and worse, the crises in the natural world and those affecting animals farmed for food are huge. Yesterday, we learned that a quarter of the world’s pig population will die of […]

What could Brexit mean for veganism?

Before the referendum I shared my personal view outlining reasons to Remain in the EU, and I was hopeful that a small majority would back staying in. Unfortunately, the result of the Referendum on 23 June was marginally in favour of leaving. The political establishment is in disarray, but I prefer not to comment, as […]

Vegan in the Caribbean

Coconuts, beaches, sun, the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea… I have been privileged to be staying on St Kitts for nearly 4 weeks. Sadly, I’ll be flying back to the UK tomorrow evening. It’s been a great opportunity to work remotely with the world’s best office view (see below) and have time to relax, have […]

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